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In the peaceful Sicilian village of Salem, a dark presence is about to make itself known. For years, the family based crime organization known as the Mafia has been establishing itself in the foundation of the community. Until now, the naive citizens have been unaware of the evil among them. Tonight, however, the Mafia makes its move. Tonight, someone will die, and until the Mafia has eliminated all opposition, the innocent will continue to die. Unless, of course, the Mafia is destroyed first...

About MafiaEdit

In its simplest form, Mafia is a game between an informed minority (Mafia) and an uninformed majority (Town). At the start of the game, each player is secretly assigned a role and alignment. The game has two alternating phases, each lasting 24 hours: "Night", during which the mafia covertly murder an innocent while other power roles decide what to do, and "Day", in which surviving players debate the identities of the Mafia and vote to lynch (eliminate) a suspect. Play continues until all of the Mafia has been killed, or until the Mafia outnumbers the Town.

Each FE Mafia game is run by a moderator, called a Host. The Host is responsible for creating and handing out the roles, managing night actions, and posting flavor to start each new day. A Host may create as many unique roles as they wish, but must do their best to keep the game well balanced so that each faction has an equal chance to win.

This wiki will be used as a guide for any past, present, or future FE Mafia players. On it you will find a full list of games, player statistics, typical rules, roles, and terminology.

To learn more about how to play, visit the Quick Guide to Mafia.

Help with MafiaEdit

  • Players - A list of every FE Mafia player. Complete with player stats and records.
  • Games - A complete list of each FE Mafia game.
  • Roles - Commonly-used roles in FE Mafia games.
  • Quick Guide to Mafia - A rundown of how the game of Mafia works.
  • Rules - Important rules for Mafia games that are standard on FE.
  • Glossary - A compilation of Mafia terminology and abbreviations.
  • FAQ - Some questions and issues that pop up with first-time players and hosts.


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